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The most sold radio wind sensor for awnings

The most sold radio wind sensor for awnings. Intelligent sensor: Adapts its behavior in case of windy days.

Patio blinds


Protection efficiency
- Better protection secure awning from wind
- Measures the wind impact on the awning for even greater efficiency instead of the wind speed

In harmony with your awning
- Slim design to fit on the load bar (discrete integration), no cabling
- Available in 3 finishes: white, black, and beige

Detalji i specifikacije


  • Wind detection in 3 dimensions
    - Efficient measurement of wind impact on awning structure with detection of horizontal, vertical and lateral oscillations.
  • Failure Alert
    - Each hour, automatic retraction of the awning in case of sensor functional problem.
  • Auto save function
    Avoid any accidental retraction of the awning when replacing batteries
  • Failure Security
    - Deactivate comfort orders (ie: by Sun Sensors) if the wind sensor is not functioning.
  • Intuitive programming
    - Simply shake the awning to record sensibility threshold.
  • Intelligent sensor
    - Recalls last information to adapt its behavior in case of windy days (anti yo-yo effect).

Act for Green 
Eolis 3D Wirefree io is an eco-designed product

Dužina : 153 mm

Širina : 38 mm

Dubina : 25 mm

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Technical characteristics

Radio frekvencija 868,95 MHz
Nominalni napon/Frekvencija 2 x 1,5 V – 5 years life time batteries
Faktor zaštite IP 44