Ref: 9013075


The 100% autonomous radio sun sensor for awning, screen, EVB and roller shutter

The 100% autonomous radio sun sensor for awning, screen, evb and roller shutter. Smart and autonomous product on façade: efficient where it’s needed.

Patio blinds


Easy to adjust according to the end user's needs
- Sensitivity to sunshine can be set in few seconds without any tools

In harmony with your facade
- Smart design to be positioned anywhere on facade, no cabling

- Protect the patio and the inside of your house from luminosity, UV, temperature
- Possibility to deactivate the sun function 

Detalji i specifikacije

  • Sun detection
    - Automatically lowers or raises the awning depending on the intensity of the sunshine and a threshold pre-set by the installer.
  • WireFreeTM and 100% autonomous
    - Economical and battery free: photovoltaic cell for total energy autonomy, only sunlight is needed to obtain full power.
  • Failure alert
    - Each hour, automatic retraction of the awning in case of sensor functional problem.

Technical characteristics

Radio frekvencija 433,42 MHz
Faktor zaštite IP 44