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Somfy Home Alarm Starter PACK

Somfy Home Alarm Starter PACK

Complete security solution alerting you BEFORE a break-in



  • Dissuade burglars by alerting BEFORE a break-in

The Home Alarm system detects break-in attempts BEFORE an intrusion thanks to its IntelliTAG™ door and window sensors. This patented sensor analyzes vibrations and alerts (local sirens and transmission of smartphone notifications) if a break-in attempts is proven to have occured.

  • Stress-free daily living

Thanks to the hands-free disarming key fob, the system recognises users and automatically disarms the alarm when they come home. With the kids feature, you receive a notification on your smartphone as soon as your children come home from school.

  • Create a community of trust to watch over your home

The Somfy Alarm kit is the first system that allow your loved ones (friends, neighbors, family etc.) to keep an eye on your house when you are away. You can also take advantage of an on-demand remote surveillance servic without any commitment (subject to subscription).

  • Customize your solution

Based on your needs, you can complete your Home Alarm system with "Somfy Protect" security accessories sold separately: 112 dB outdoor siren, additional 110 dB indoor siren, IntelliTAG™ sensors, key fobs, indoor motion sensors, surveillance cameras etc.


Detalji i specifikacije



The Somfy Home Alarm is a smart, reliable security solution that alerts you BEFORE a break-in, thanks to Somfy's patented IntelliTAG™ technology.

Once connected, the Home Alarm is very easy to install and control from your smartphone. It is ideal for a house and can be adapted to suit your needs by adding products from the "Somfy Protect" accessory line.



  • Free application for iOS 9 and higher, Android 4.4 and higher
  • Automatic recognition of peripheral devices by the hub


  • Combine with up to 50 sensors (IntelliTAG™ or motion sensors) 50 key fobs, 2 indoor sirens and 2 outdoor sirens, 4 video devices (Somfy Security Camera, Somfy One or Somfy One +) and 2 radio extenders.


  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • "Somfy Protect" 868Mhz radio module
  • 868Mhz long-range LPWA communication


  • Power outage detection and backup battery (6 hours)
  • Permanent supervision of wireless radio connection between the various system components
  • Jamming detection/encryption of all wireless radio communications

Radio ranges

  • 200m (in open air) between the Link and the IntelliTAG™ sensors, the siren and the motion sensor
  • 50m (in open air) between the Link and the key fobs


  • "Somfy Protect" and "Myfox Home Alarm" security accessories TaHoma - Nest - Amazon Alexa - IFTTT

<li>1x 110 dB indoor siren</li>
<li>3x IntelliTAG&trade; opening sensors</li>
<li>2x key fobs</li>
<li>1x indoor motion sensor</li>
<li>1x Link (the hub, which can be easily plugged into an electrical outlet)</li>