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Wirefree sun sensor for roller shutters, blinds and awnings

Sunis Wirefree II IO sun sensor monitors light intensities. Set scenarios for detection of high lux, so blinds come down automatically for sunny days or for dusk etc.

Patio blinds, Tilting sun screen, Swinging shutter, Rolling shutter, Exterior blind, Conservatory

Diskretni bežični senzor za sunce

Sunis Wirefree io je bežični senzor za sunce za roletne, balkonske tende, spoljne zasenčivače i motorizovane spoljne venecijanere.

Kreirajte svoje scenarije uz Connexoon Patio io

Uz aplikaciju Connexoon Patio, istovremeno rukujte tendama za terasu, senzorima i osvetljenjem, tako što ćete kreirati sopstvene prilagođene scenarije koje ćete stalno ponovo puštati!

Maintain the look of your home's exterior

Sunis Wirefree io is a discreet wireless sun sensor which can be positioned anywhere on the exterior of your home without an electrical connection.

Automate the movement of your blinds, screens, awnings and shutters

With the Sunis Wirefree io sun sensor, your roller shutters will automatically lower once the sun hits your picture windows, keeping the inside of your home cool.

Enjoy your patio without being dazzled by glare

With the Sunis Wirefree io sun sensor, the patio awning will automatically extend when the sun rises. You can continue to enjoy your patio while avoiding sunburn!


In harmony with your facade

  • No unsightly cable out, small and discrete cable to be positionned anywhere on the facade


  • Protect the terrace, the facade and the inside of your house from luminosity, UV radiations and temperature

Dynamic summer insulation

  • During summer, gains up to 9°C inside the house and thus reduces the need for HVAC

Detalji i specifikacije


Wireless sun sensor for TaHoma.

  • Wireless facade sensor. Can be placed anywhere. No cabling. 
  • For quicker installation and more efficiency. Put it at the right place.

Sun detection

  • Automatically lowers or raises the applicationd depending on the intensity of the sunshine and a threshold pre-set by the installer.
  • This new generation of sun sensor can be programmed directly  through the Somfy Smart Home control, TaHoma.
  • The sensor is powered by 2 LR06 batteries.

Settings from a distance

  • The sun sensitivity threshold can be adjusted via TaHoma
  • You have the choise between the standard sun function without feedback and the comfort sun function with feedback in combination with the Smart Home systems from Somfy.
  • Easy activation and deactivation of the sun function.

 Act for Green
Sunis Wirefree II IO is an eco-designed product

Dužina : 78 mm

Širina : 78 mm

Dubina : 37 mm

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Boja/finiširanje Light grey/white