Ref: 1818245


The wirefree sun sensor for awning, screen, evb and roller shutter

The wirefree sun sensor for awning, screen, evb and roller shutter. Discrete and wireless sun sensor on facade: no cable and brings efficiency where needed.

Interior blind and curtain, Rolling shutter, Conservatory, Exterior blind, Patio blinds


In harmony with your facade
- No unsightly cable out, small and discrete cable to be positionned anywhere on the facade

- Protect the terrace, the facade and the inside of your house from luminosity, UV radiations and temperature

Dynamic summer insulation
- During summer, gains up to 9°C inside the house and thus reduces the need for HVAC

Detalji i specifikacije


  • Wireless
    - Wireless facade sensor. Can be placed anywhere. No cabling. 
       For quicker installation and more efficiency. Put it at the right place.
  • Setting from a distance
    - The sun sensitivity threshold can be adjusted via the Easy Sun io remote control.
  • Sun detection
    - Automatically lowers or raises the application depending on the intensity of the sunshine and a threshold pre-set by the installer.

Dužina : 78 mm

Širina : 78 mm

Visina : 37 mm

Technical characteristics

Radio frekvencija 868.25MHz/868.95MHz /869.85MHz MHz
Nominalni napon/Frekvencija Battery
Faktor zaštite IP 35