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Home automation / TaHomA, Lighting

Detalji i specifikacije


What if you could transform any basic lamp into a smart one?


Somfy has renewed the smart plug to bring you more daily well-being and peace of mind. The ON-OFF Plug io is a tiny and performant radio outlet which allows you to plug in one table, reading or floor lamp, or even a small electrical appliance (extra heating, aquarium, TV, some coffee machines…) into your existing socket.


Control and monitor your wired device with your io-homecontrol remote, or through your smartphone or tablet via TaHoma or Connexoon. The same io-homecontrol remote or smartphone or tablet can control several lamps or small electrical appliances as long as they are equipped with this outlet.


> Features:


  • Ready for connectivity : TaHoma, Connexoon io, Home Keeper (coming in April 2018), Energeasyconnect by Rexel (France only)
  • Proved io-homecontrol performance : 2-way radio technology for a wide range, a secured connection, and information feedback
  • Compact and nice design : matching most of interior home decorations, suiting multi-socket adaptors
  • Simplicity : easy to install, easy to set up, easy to use




With domestic devices:

  • Via any io-homecontrol remotes
  • Via any io-homecontrol video doorphones


With your smartphone/tablet:

  • Via TaHoma : 1 app to supervise, monitor and control the connected home (by Somfy)
  • Via Connexoon io-homecontrol : 3 apps to connect and control home equipment : Terrace - Window - Access (by Somfy)
  • Via Home Keeper : 1 app to supervise, monitor and control the new professional connected alarm system (coming in September 2018) (by Somfy)
  • Via Energeasyconnect : 1 app to supervise, monitor and control the connected home (by Rexel)

Dužina : 77 mm

Širina : 45 mm

Technical characteristics

Radio frekvencija 868,000MHz – 868,600MHz e.r.p. < 25mW // 868,700MHz – 869,200MHz e.r.p. < 25 mW // 869,700MHz – 870,000MHz e.r.p. < 25 mW MHz
Domet unutar kuće 8m through 2 concrete walls
Nominalni napon/Frekvencija Mains
Faktor zaštite IP20