Ref: 1822420

Radio receiver thought for integration within awnings or ramps, perfect for all types of lights (thin shape)

Mini size for multi-application usage: Great comfort in usage. For all types of bulbs in almost all awnings. High index protection rating.

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Detalji i specifikacije


  • Easy integration
    - Mini size. Can be easily hidden within or close to end product.
  • Power 500 W (under 230 V)
  • ON/OFF radio receiver 

Comfort of use & adaptability to the needs
- Switch on/off the light from a distance with your Somfy remote control (wall switch inside and/or outside can also be used)
- Peace of mind: an io homecontrol® device that provides a feedback when the product is controlled with a two way remote control io (global view)
- Light can be easily controlled from different locations (with several io controls)

Discrete integration and home harmony
- Designed for integration

- Multi-application outdoor usage: operates lights of awnings, façade, garden, gate, floor, swimming pool…
- Thanks to Somfy multi-channel remote controls you can drive from a distance several applications using a single remote control. (New io equipment can be added at any time). 

Radio frekvencija : 868.25/868.95/869.85 MHz

Nominalni napon/Frekvencija : 230V - 50Hz

Faktor zaštite : IP 44

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