Ref: 1800466


Remote control for individual or group management

Situo 1 channel & 5 channels for the individual or group management of your motorised shutters and blinds.

Interior blind and curtain, Patio blinds, Rolling shutter, Tilting sun screen, Projection screen, Exterior blind


  • A new modern and aesthetic design: 
    - The choice of 4 colors to match the remote controls with interior decoration!
    - Comfort of handiness: a non-slip back face
    - Elegant & discreet wall support
  • Easy to use: 
    - Basic control with Up / My / Down buttons
    - « my » position is simple to program and to modify
    - A battery low level indicator that indicates the remaining battery life and facilitates maintenance

Detalji i specifikacije

Situo 1 channel & 5 channels for individual or group management


Essential functions all together:

  • Single use: Up, down, Stop, “my” function

  • Multiple: 1 or 5 channels for individual or centralized control of your motorized devices

  • « my » function to memorize your favorite position of the application and find it instantly by pressing « my » button

  • Practical: low battery indicator

  • Sustainable: designed in accordance with the Act For Green criteria

The new colours of comfort:

  • Pure: contemporary minimalism

  • Titane: subtlety with technology

  • Metal Orange :dynamism, warmth and « joie de vivre »

  • Metal Green: Peps and natural freshness throughout the year

Act for Green 
Situo 1 IO is an eco-designed product

Širina : 36 mm

Visina : 145 mm

Dubina : 15 mm

  • 1 Situo 1 io or Situo 5 io

  • 1 wall support

  • 1 CR2430 battery

  • 1 or 3 manual guide(s) (depending on the reference)

Technical characteristics
Radio frekvencija 868 MHz
Kapacitet memorije 1
Nominalni napon/Frekvencija Battery
Boja/finiširanje Pure
Faktor zaštite IP30