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Standardna motorizacija za pričvršćivanje ispod noseće grede.

YsloFlex RTS range je motor za pokretanje krilnih žaluzina. Osnovni komplet motora je za dvokrilnu žaluzinu i sa belim kućištem. * Na raspolaganju je i motor u braon kućištu za jedno krilo.

Swinging shutter


Sustainable performance for safety and protection of the shutter
Extended lifespan.
- Smooth movement with two coordinated motors.
- Soft opening of the shutter.
- Shutters guaranteed to stay open in windy conditions

Protection in the event of obstacles or ice.
- If an obstacle is detected while closing, the shutters will reopen immediately.
- The motor and panels are not forced.
- In freezing conditions, the motor stops and is not forced.

Anti-intruder system.
- The anti-intrusion protection provided by the swing shutters is strengthened by the motor and the fact that the shutters lock   when closed.

Back-up in the event of a power failure.
The emergency battery allows the shutters to be operated twenty times after the power cut or 5 days.

Easyness and comfort
- One clic to open or close the shutters, without any opening windows or going out round the whole house.

Peace of mind
- Close all the shutters in one clic.
- Presence simulation.

Aesthetics preserved
- Motor fitted discreetly to frontage.
- Personalized color scheme.

Detalji i specifikacije

Pack content

- Electro-mechanical module including the battery.
- Mechanical module.
- A 3-pieces aluminium white housing.
- 2 black stainless steel arms.
- 2 black extruded aluminium sliders.
- 1 Smoove 1 Open/Close RTS wall mounted remote control. 

Technical characteristics
Tip krajnjeg proizvoda Swing shutter
Nominalni napon/Frekvencija 230V - 50 Hz
Radio frekvencija RTS 433,42 MHz
Tip kabla RRF
Faktor zaštite IP 24
Klasa izolacije II
Tip krajnih prekidača Electronic